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Inc. BrandView Site Highlights Amarillo

As part of the partnership with Amarillo EDC and area community partners, Inc. Magazine has created a page on its website to highlight the entrepreneurial and growth potential of Amarillo.

Amarillo View is designed to showcase all articles created about Amarillo by Inc. Magazine writers. It also includes a section driving traffic to the Inc. + Amarillo Partnership page, where visitors can learn more about how Amarillo can help their business grow. At the bottom of the page, a Twitter feed will update with recent posts by the Amarillo EDC.

The page, which went live at the beginning of August, is expected to expand as more content is developed.

The Potential Impact Of Amarillo View

By showcasing recent articles written by Inc. writers about Amarillo, the Amarillo View page could help establish a new perception of Amarillo as a hub for technological growth, higher education and economic opportunity.

All of these stories are designed to bring more businesses, families and business-minded individuals into the Amarillo area.

With one of the lowest tax rates in the nation, a young and educated workforce, and an abundance of affordable utilities, Amarillo is the optimal location for entrepreneurs to expand or start their businesses.

However, many people outside Texas may not perceive the City of Amarillo in this light.

The AEDC and Inc. Magazine hope to change this and drive more people to Amarillo to improve our city’s economy and workforce.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can participate in the Inc. Amarillo campaign by visiting the Amarillo View page, reading the articles, and sharing the content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additionally, you can visit the Inc. + Amarillo Partnership page to learn more about why Amarillo has partnered with Inc., as well as the fiscal benefits to living in Amarillo’s growing community.

Find out how Amarillo can help your business with our free infographic.

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