Reagan Hales

Inc. Magazine To Feature Amarillo In New Campaign

Corporate and educational institutions in Amarillo,Texas, announced Friday night that they will be partnering with Inc. Magazine in a two-year campaign to highlight the city as a destination for entrepreneurs and growth-oriented companies.

inc_announcement-19.jpgThe campaign, set to launch in the summer of 2017, will feature in-depth articles showcasing entrepreneurs, business leaders and academic innovators throughout the community.

“This is one of the most aggressive and boldest endeavors that Amarillo has ever undertaken that will not only expose our region to the global marketplace messages of success and quality of life, but will also provide an additional platform of pride for our residents," said Barry Albrecht, President & CEO of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.

"Most people outside of Texas only know Amarillo as a leader in oil and gas and agriculture. But this area is rich with successful entrepreneurs and high growth companies with a global reach. It is time that we as a community present the world the rest of the story about Amarillo and celebrate our city for the opportunities in business and quality of life that we can offer.

"By partnering with a magazine like Inc. that has its pulse on America’s top innovators, we believe we can globally amplify our message as a true destination for industry leaders and residents to live and prosper.”

The initiative is a collaboration between both corporate and educational partners including the Amarillo EDC, Amarillo National Bank, Amarillo College, West Texas A&M University, the West Texas A&M University Enterprise Center, Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

“Amarillo has an exciting story to tell," Amarillo College President Russell Lowery-Hart said.

"We are a community with grit and determination. We solve our own problems, together. Amarillo College has a robust history of collaborating with our business community and other partners to ensure that the benefits our students receive align with the community’s economic needs.

"Amarillo College is thrilled be a part of sharing the 'Amarillo' story with the rest of the country. We are excited by this new opportunity to support economic development. When we enhance what our students achieve through higher education, both they and our region genuinely thrive.”

Initial phases of the project include a research analysis to be performed in collaboration with Inc. Magazine and research faculty at Texas Tech University.

inc_announcement-199.jpgThe research will focus on pinpointing the key pain points of small to medium enterprise business in major metro areas and what factors may encourage their relocation to smaller mid-tier markets.

“Texas Tech University is excited to be a part of this endeavor and we look forward to contributing to the direction of this important project,” said Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech University president.

“Dr. Brad Ewing’s research in economic impact studies is widely sought out and referenced. We look forward to collaborating with Inc. Magazine and providing additional expert analysis and direction through the participation of other research faculty.”

Some of the in-depth articles anticipated for the project include feature interviews with Dr. Emily Hunt, Dean of the College of Engineering at West Texas A&M University and Co-Founder of Advanced Nano Solutions, a nano-technology company spun out of Hunt’s research at West Texas A&M University.

Additional articles will include interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders including Aaron Sage of Sage Oil Vac and will focus on the business resources and community support system that encourages and fosters corporate growth at a national and international level.

“With so many resources and a heritage of tenacity and good, old-fashioned work ethic, Amarillo is a great place to live and to grow a successful business with a global reach," David Terry, Director of Entrepreneurial Outreach for the WT Enterprise Center, said.

"We are pleased that Inc. chose to share Amarillo’s story with the world. Low cost of living, family values, work-life balance and tremendous camaraderie and support can all be achieved in Amarillo. We are a community that wants to help you win."


Feature articles in the campaign will be available on Inc. Magazine’s digital and print platforms beginning in July 2017.

Collaborators in the campaign will also work closely with the magazine to co-host live events targeting America’s fastest growing companies beginning in 2018.

Videos announcing the collaboration can be found here