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Acclimating to a new community can be challenging, but Amarillo is one of the friendliest cities in the United States.

In Amarillo, you’ll see smiles everywhere you go and you’ll find it easier than ever to strike up a conversation. Here’s a promise: Go for a walk on our wide streets and you won’t be ignored. People smile at you. Strangers say hi. Motorists even wave as they drive past. Making new friends only requires taking that next step and introducing yourself to people who already are offering a friendly face. We’ll help you get acquainted.

Elevate Amarillo

A group of leaders rooted in Amarillo and rooting for Amarillo, this community of young professionals (ages 20-40) invite you to join unique experiences, grow professionally and personally, and make a difference in the community. Members are involved in a wide variety of Amarillo’s business, civic and service endeavors.

Get Involved

Café Con Nosotros

Hosted every fourth Thursday by the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, this free networking event presents topics vital to businesses and community members. It’s a great place to build relationships—and grab some pan dulce con café!

Start Building Relationships

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Chamber After Hours

Any Amarillo Chamber event is widely attended, but Chamber After Hours is particularly fun because the location rotates between different Chamber members’ businesses. You’ll network and hang out at a potentially new place while enjoying drinks and food with other professionals and community members.

Meet Some New Faces

Women’s Networks

Pioneer women carved out civilization on these plains, and Amarillo is still home to multitudes of powerful women who lead organizations, nonprofits, families, churches and civic groups. Join their momentum!

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Hey Amarillo

This weekly one-on-one interview podcast features the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas. Guided by local author Jason Boyett, you’ll hear from city leaders, behind-the-scenes influencers, artists, civil servants, entrepreneurs and other surprising guests making an impact in Amarillo—and beyond.

Hear Stories From Amarillo

Lovin Local

Amarillo's premier local magazine, Brick & Elm, is locally owned and dedicated to this region. Not only will you enjoy the superb quality of literary genius from the local editors, you'll also find so many gems from local businesses, non-profits, restaurants, events and stories. Dive into the Amarillo culture! You can also subscribe to their Brickly newsletter for free at the bottom of their website. 

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