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How Much Does It Really Cost?

Every Amarillo neighborhood is as unique as the personalities who call it home. And because Amarillo’s housing market is so diverse and affordable, taking root in Amarillo offers plenty of room to stretch your legs without stretching your bank account.In fact, Amarillo’s cost of living is 15.2% below the U.S. average and you’ll find that you can afford much more home here than almost anywhere else.

Cost of Living Amarillo Texas

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

From mid-century modern masterpieces to traditional ranch-style homes, Amarillo offers a residence for every taste. You can explore what our neighborhoods look like through our new Housing page on

Getting Back to Her Roots – Why This Young Professional Moved Back to Amarillo

Peyton Bivins – 27 years old, Major Gifts Officer at Amarillo College

What city did you move to and how long did you live there?

“I moved to Austin when I was 18 for college and lived there for the summers as well. After graduating, I spent the summer working in Greeley, Colorado. I ended my relocation adventure in Denver in January of 2016 (I was 23) and lived there for just over two years. “

Why did you chose to come back?

“While living in Denver I began my career as a fundraising professional and really fell in love with it. I worked for an incredible organization there but after about the first year and a half I realized that I wanted to continue making a difference but in a community that really means something to me. After some soul-searching, I really defined my purpose by remembering what I learned from my grandmother, a leading role model in my life. Her philanthropic nature and dedication to Amarillo were unparalleled. After looking into the incredible growth and development of Amarillo and the non-profit sector, it was easy for me to make the choice to move back. Amarillo has always been home and growing up here has something so special about it and I want that for my future family as well.”

What did you miss about Amarillo?

“I have a lot of family in Amarillo and we are very close. I really missed having simple Sunday dinners and birthday celebrations. I also missed the way of life. Everyday functioning in a big city can be hard! While there are so many awesome things (i.e. Whole Foods), I really love the smaller feel that Amarillo has. And the people here are much nicer!”

How was the cost of living compared to the city you lived in and Amarillo?

“Denver is a transplant city and is growing daily. It is very expensive to live there when you consider rent and expenses (even something as simple as your gym membership). I think Amarillo is a very reasonable city to live in when it comes to cost of living. I really think that after living in a big city like Austin and Denver, coming back to Amarillo was the best choice I could make! It really makes you appreciate Amarillo and see things from a different perspective.”

Cost of Living Amarillo Texas Lifestyle HousingPeyton Bivins with her nieces and nephew at Hodgetown