Sabrina Perez

How Much More Do You Get in Amarillo?

It’s no secret that everything’s bigger in Texas. But in Amarillo, it’s also more affordable, more comfortable, and – if we do say so ourselves – more beautiful.

So just how much more do Amarilloans get from their city’s exceptionally high quality of life and low cost of living?

According to 2020 annual data from the Council for Community and Economic Research, Amarillo has a cost of living index of 80.7, about 20% less than the national average. Factor in other everyday advantages, from uncongested highways to bigger, more beautiful backyards, and it all adds up to more free time, more expendable income, and more you can do with it all.

To help you get a picture of how much more you get from taking root in Amarillo, we’ve compiled some key facts and figures and stacked them up against a few of our most comparable neighbors.

Housing and Utilities

Talk to any new homeowner in Amarillo, and the story’s the same – you just get more in Amarillo. Whether you rent or own, housing and utility costs take up less room in your budget here than most other comparable areas.


Overall housing expenses in Amarillo are about 40% less than the national average.

Affordable, available housing means you get more bang for your buck – that includes sprawling backyards for family and neighborly fun.


The Texas Panhandle is ideally placed in relation to resources and infrastructure. Reduced transportation expenses can help you stretch your paycheck while scratching your itch for adventure. Best of all, you don’t have to sit in traffic to get where you’re going.


Dining and Entertainment

Whether you’re interested in seeing state-of-the-art-baseball stadiums or the oldest symphony in Texas, you can have an exciting night out in Amarillo for way less than you’d pay in similar cities. Here’s a photo tour of a possible night out on the town.

Downtown is always a hub of activity: check out the rooftop bars, outdoor concerts, and, if it’s summer, a weekly farmer’s market.

Calling all foodies: Polk Street is home to everything from gastropub fare to Asian fusion.

Did you think quality affordable cocktails were a thing of the past? Not in Amarillo.


As we covered in a recent blog post, Amarillo is the undisputed medical hub of the Panhandle. Between award-winning hospital systems and medical programs, Amarillo makes it easy – and affordable – to take care of yourself.

Overall healthcare costs in Amarillo are about 12% lower than the national average.

It may be true that you can’t have it all – but in Amarillo, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. With more income to spend and more time to spend doing what you love, Amarillo lets you live life on a larger scale.