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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Resources

We at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the West Texas Small Business Development Center, WT Enterprise Center, Workforce Solutions Panhandle, and the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce created toolkit of business resources—resources specific to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak—to help you stay informed and make appropriate business decisions.
(Last updated March 23, 2020)

Health Resources

Stay up to date with the latest health information regarding COVID-19 or coronavirus from these credible sources:

Center for Disease Control

Learn about symptoms, how to protect yourself and others, and what you should do if you think you've contracted COVID-19.

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Texas Health & Human Services

Download communication tools provided by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission:

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City of Amarillo, Texas

Stay updated on local initiatives and Amarillo's COVID-19 Status Level (as of 3/20/20 - Level Orange):

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Government Resources

Explore these government resources and recommendations regarding COVID-19:

Senate Coronavirus Relief Bill

Read recent announcements regarding federal relief efforts:


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Tax Delays and IRS Information


Check here to read about tax delays and IRS information for businesses and indivduals:


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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Learn how to protect yourself financially from the impact of COVID-19:

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Congressman Mac Thornberry

For information related to the latest legislative actions taken to support businesses and employers, visit the news provided directly from Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry. 

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Amarillo Independent School District

Stay informed on the Amarillo Independent School District's latest announcements and efforts here:

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River Road ISD

Stay informed on the River Road Independent School District's latest announcements and efforts here:

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Canyon ISD

Stay informed on the Canyon Independent School District's latest announcements and efforts here:

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Business Financial Information

Explore the following business financial resources regarding COVID-19:

Small Business Development Center COVID-19 Resources:

Learn about the latest SBA loan programs and how to apply


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US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Aid Tracker

Find out what companies are offering free or discounted services to small businesses


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US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Preparedness 

Learn how to prepare your business to navigate the days ahead.


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American Red Cross Ready Rating Program

Take advantage of the tools prepared by the American Red Cross for you and your company


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Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Declaration

Governor Greg Abbott requested designation from the Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Declaration in order to access the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program for the entire state of Texas.

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CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Review the latest information and recommendations directly from the CDC.


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Workforce Information

Below you will find workforce resources such as job training, child care, unemployment information, and more:

Job Training Services & Child Care

Contact these numbers regarding job training services and child care:

Job Training Services (WIOA): 806-345-1340

Job Training Services Youth: 806-345-1339

Child Care Program: 806-345-1348

SNAP E&T Program: 806-345-1343

Unemployment Application

If you need to file for unemployment due to recent business closure, visit these resources.


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COBRA coverage and the Marketplace

When you lose job-based insurance, you may be offered COBRA continuation coverage by your former employer.

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Temporary Hiring Positions

Are you an employer who is looking to hire temporary positions? Call (806) 372-5521 or reach out below.

Contact Here

General Employment Law Questions

For general employment law questions please contact the commissioner representing employers office at 1-800-832-9394 or email


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Texas Workforce Commission Information for COVID-19 Employers and  Jobseekers

Explore the Texas Workforce Commission's Disaster Unemployment Assistance resources here: 

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Additional Business Resources

Explore additional business resources here:

West Texas SBDC Small Business Development Center COVID-19 Resources

Check for recent announcements and tools related to small business financing and lending.


Download Resources



Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Loan Program

Do you need to apply for an SBA loan to support your company operations? 


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Comprehensive And Updated FAQs For Employers On The COVID-19 Coronavirus

Legal perspective & recommendations for Texas employers during the COVID-19 crisis.


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5 (Practical) Cs
for Leading in a Crisis or Downturn

Explore five actions to take as a leader during a crisis or downturn:


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Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Read this article by the Harvard Business Review on how to lead your business through the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Deloitte: Weekly global economic update

Stay informed on the outlook for the global economy with a weekly update from Deloitte's economic experts.

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Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

Stay up to date with the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce's efforts here:

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