Spend any time in Amarillo and you will quickly begin to feel the legacy that built this strong community. What was once a small “tent city” on the front edge of the frontier is now a thriving city where the grit and determination that pioneered this region still lives.

Amarillo was built on the shoulders of men and women committed to farming, ranching and oil exploration. Generations of families have dedicated themselves to growing this city on the high plains into what it boats today. Today, we are not just a community focused on agriculture and oil, but on technology, education and emerging industries.

Make Your Business Flourish In Amarillo

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to continuing the mission of the generations that have gone before us. We are focused on the growth of our community through the expansion of our economic base, which allows for enhanced opportunities for our residents.

Through our partnerships with the City of Amarillo, the State of Texas, institutions of higher learning and our dedicated workforce partners, the Amarillo EDC is committed to helping growing companies take advantage of everything Amarillo and Texas has to offer.

The Amarillo EDC works with your business every step of the way in the relocation journey. Our history of success demonstrates our ability to provide aggressive business incentives coupled with proven strategies to identify and train a dedicated workforce.

We work to identify the best financial solutions to help companies maximize revenue throughout the relocation and expansion process. Our staff is experienced in all phases of project management from site selection through construction.

The focus and commitment to the successful growth of Amarillo businesses show in everything we do. Contact the Amarillo EDC today to find out how you can be a part of the next generation of prosperity in Texas.


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