Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Amarillo

Want to set up shop in Amarillo? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the ideal location for your new building, from the surrounding community and available workforce to nearby businesses and customer demographics.

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CenterPort Business Park

CenterPort is owned and operated by the Amarillo EDC. Consisting of 440-acres of prime industrial land and is equipped with one-mile of double-track mainline rail siding and two rail spurs traversing the first phase of the property. Siding is basically the “access road” of the mainline allowing BNSF to serve its customers without disrupting the flow of the 100-plus trains per day of traffic on the mainline. In all, there is more than 20,000-linear feet, or 3.75 miles, of rail located at CenterPort.    

Access to rail infrastructure is a tremendous selling point for industrial projects in the U.S. The lion’s share of true manufacturing projects requires rail infrastructure for both inbound and outbound delivery.

A perfect, and local, example of this is GRI Renewable Industries. In 2015, the Amarillo EDC secured investment from Spanish-born GRI to manufacture steel wind towers for the US market.

The project’s construction is nearing completion and at full-capacity, the more than 250,000-square foot facility will produce hundreds of towers per year. GRI elected to construct two industry rail feeds to service its need for inbound plate steel delivery. Although construction of the facility is not yet complete, GRI has begun preliminary offloading of plate steel in its storage yard at CenterPort.

CenterPort is a beehive of logistical activity and is ideally positioned for rail and roadway transportation. Rail-served sites are still available through the Amarillo EDC.