Sabrina Perez

Workforce in focus: How the AEDC is taking steps to engage the local workforce

You’re only as strong as your team. And a company is only as strong as its workforce. We know businesses, cities, educators, non-profits and everyone in between is constantly looking for the right talent who will stick around and be assets for their organization. But it is tough! With low unemployment, labor participation and new generations entering the workforce, the challenges of recruiting, retaining and engaging employees can be daunting and harmful to a business.

This is why the Amarillo EDC is focusing efforts to assist employers, engage young people and highlight our quality of life through our workforce department.

In conversations with employers, educators and community organizations, it is clear that there are three main areas of focus that arise when wondering why local and external talent may want to leave for a job opportunity.

We want to focus on being a resource for employers to be able to adapt to the future workforce. The demands on businesses are constantly changing and hiring and retaining talent is a complex challenge. We want to help give practical tools for businesses to better market their open positions, retain recruits from outside the Amarillo area and ultimately grow their organizations. That’s why we created the Build Your Talent Toolbox series.

Another area that deserves concentration is our local student engagement. Our biggest asset is local talent who are already invested in our community. We desire to show students that they wanted and needed for our economy and for the betterment of our society. Along with that encouragement, we also want to showcase how students can have their dream jobs or create their own career path here in the Texas Panhandle through entrepreneurship. We need to show them what success looks like when you choose to stay around your hometown and make it better. We’re supporting projects like #HometownSuccess and organizations like Window On a Wider World’s Science Collaborative.

Lastly, one of our most complex challenges is displaying and promoting Amarillo’s quality of life. Our area can benefit from a cohesive and positive branding while supporting our rural connections of the Texas Panhandle. Quality of life has become more and more crucial to companies retaining talent and deciding where they house their business. That’s why we’ve partnered with the City of Amarillo, the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council and the Hey Amarillo Podcast for our new digital ambassador program:  Hello Amarillo.

We are excited to see our Amarilloans grow and thrive as well as welcome people from outside the area to the amazing quality of life that our city holds.  Amarillo has a lot of energy and we know that will spark job growth, business expansion, and innovation. 

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