Reagan Hales

Who Are The Top Employers In Amarillo?

Our Texas Panhandle city boasts a healthy and vibrant economy, making it quite talked about among smaller cities in the nation. Our city is an excellent choice to begin a successful, lasting career. Here's a look at Amarillo's top employers.

Amarillo's largest employer is Baptist St. Anthony Health Care System. The nearly 3,000 employees working in their facilities do a marvelous job of keeping residents throughout the Texas Panhandle healthy and strong. Considered to be among the best hospital systems in Texas, their physicians, nurses, technicians, and assistants are highly skilled professionals that make our state proud.

downtown-26.jpgWith a growing economy and an increasing population base, it's no surprise that the area's second largest employer is the City of Amarillo. The city's 2,300 employees do everything from keeping the roads in good condition to processing business applications. Their work and the accomplishments they have achieved have transformed Amarillo from a dusty cowboy town in into a growing city with a diverse and expanding economy.

Of course, a healthy economy depends on a steady flow of educated employees to fill positions within the diverse industries that have hung their shingles in the community. That job falls to the 1,600 employees of Amarillo College. The university offers programs in everything from advertising and public relations, to computer drafting and industrial technology to nursing and wind energy. The college does a fantastic job of training students to work in the present while giving them a foundation of skills that will take their careers far in the future.

Education is important in Amarillo, and it begins long before kids even start thinking about college. Each and every day of the school year, nearly 4,200 teachers, administrators, and support staff head to work to educate children throughout the Amarillo Independent School District.

Amarillo's schools have a reputation for excellence and exceeding expectations, and their staff are proud of the part they play in making sure that the city's children are prepared for college and the workforce by the time they graduate. One of Amarillo's very own educators, Shanna Peoples was named Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year for 2015 and went on to win National Teacher of the Year. This was a first for AISD, and the first time in 50 years for a Texan to earn the title.

Ralph_Duke_wind_turbines.jpgThe growth of the economy in Amarillo has electrified the energy market in the region. Xcel Energy, Gestamp Energy Industries, and many other companies are expanding their operations in the area to keep up with the region's increasing power needs. Combined, these entities employ thousands of welders, technicians, administrators, and linemen who keep the lights from flickering.

For the past 100 years, many Texans made their way into careers in the U.S. military. Thus, it's not surprising that companies such as CNS Pantex would make their home in the Texas Panhandle. The company employs approximately 3,000 staff members who are responsible for protecting America's weapon systems and ensuring that our nation is capable of defending itself from everything from foreign governments to terrorist organizations.  

While Amarillo's economy is becoming more diverse, agribusiness remains the area's bread and butter. Tyson Foods, Inc. employs close to 4,000 people in the area who are busy processing chicken, pork, beef, and other food products for transport and consumption throughout the country.

Whether the label says Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, or BallPark, there is a good chance the products being purchased throughout the region were processed right here in Amarillo.

When you are ready to do business in Amarillo contact the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation at 806-379-6411. We'll be happy to tell you more about the opportunities rising from the rich Texas soil.