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Thriving Industries Of The Texas Panhandle

The Texas Panhandle is more than just grasslands, oil fields and cattle ranches. The region is thriving with business activity and opportunities. Agriculture, petroleum, renewable energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and education have all found fertile soil to build their industries upon within the northern part of the state.

Higher Education

The strength of any community is derived by the education level of its residents. Education is important to Texans, and West Texas A&M University does a fantastic job of creating some of the brightest and most skilled citizens in the state. Its programs and educational excellence are highly regarded throughout the country because A&M graduates consistently prove their value to employers in a multitude of industries.

Oil, Gas & Refining

It is well known that oil is big business throughout Texas, and Amarillo is no exception. It has numerous oil fields and wells in operation. This means there are plenty of jobs for drilling technicians, welders, and other workers eager to pursue careers in petroleum.

However, oil isn't the only valuable commodity that makes its way through Amarillo. ASARCO, LLC. chose to build one of the world's premier copper and precious metal refineries here in the Texas Panhandle. The refinery is responsible for making sure industries have the copper wire and coil they need to build everything from power lines to semiconductors.

Renewable Energy

Ralph_Duke_wind_turbines.jpgThe ability to process copper wire is a fantastic industry to have nearby because the area is home to some of the world's largest wind farms and a hot bed for wind energy companies. Indeed, more and more companies are turning their attention skyward towards the affordable and clean energy that is blowing in the wind along the Texas Panhandle.

As part of the growing efficiency of wind energy technology, GRI Renewable Industries is in the process of building a wind tower manufacturing plant in the area that will soon employ hundreds of people making towers for turbine installation throughout the U.S.


The Amarillo area is also home to Amarillo Gear Company, which has been making the world's most well-known angled gear drives for the past 100 years. As with oil and cattle exports, the company has done a marvelous job of solidifying the reputation of Amarillo throughout the world as a region where companies can find quality manufacturing and craftsmanship.


Agriculture is another industry that has a firm footing in the area. Tyson Foods, Inc. and Affiliated Foods both operate large processing facilities in the region. These facilities provide the meat, dairy, and produce needs for millions of people throughout the state and the country. Not only are they major employers, the quality of the products they offer and sell is regarded as some of the best in the world.

DALaerialMilkRecOct2014_ID_26870.jpgThere are dozens of other industries and employers in the area working to create a strong economic future for the region. With a low cost of living and a business-friendly environment, the region consistently ranks among the most favorable places to do business in the country.  

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation is working hard to establish Amarillo as a premier center for business and investment in not just Texas, but the entire nation. Contact us learn more about the ways we are helping business build solid foundations in the Texas Panhandle.


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