Savannah Tarbet

Meet the Intern: Savannah Tarbet

At Amarillo High School, I was required to take economics my senior year, like everyone else. If I'm being honest, I barely understood what was going on in that class and somehow finished with a good grade. I bet you're wondering how I ended up becoming the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation's intern. Let me explain...

My name is Savannah Tarbet, and it's nice to meet you! Though I was technically born in Loveland, Colorado, I have spent the vast majority of my life in Amarillo. I recently graduated from Amarillo College with an Associate Degree in Mass Communication. I plan to continue my education at West Texas A&M this spring to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

What is public relations? Can you really earn a living from posting on social media? Is that even a real job?

These are questions I encounter on a daily basis from people unfamiliar with the communication and media world. The AEDC has given me the opportunity to put my usually well-rehearsed responses into action.

The majority of my work experience has been less than professional and far from the career I wish to pursue. I've done everything from babysitting and making snow cones to cleaning tanning beds and filing paperwork for taxes.

Amarillo College helped me find what I love and taught me how to apply it to a career path. I got involved with the AEDC through one of my professors, Broc Carter; he made the introduction that led to this internship. Though I was nervous, the encouragement I received from my mentors at Amarillo College, Jill Gibson and Maddisun Fowler, motivated me to take the bull by the horns and go for it.

Because this is my first professional internship, I was very anxious, but under the guidance of Reagan Hales and the kindness from the rest of the AEDC, the nerves melted away. Now, I feel ready to take on whatever the AEDC has in store.

Social media plays a role in most people's everyday life, and businesses are adapting to that need – which is why I'm here. I have been hired to help manage the social media accounts of the AEDC.

Growing up in Amarillo, I never really appreciated it. As I got older, I began to understand there is more to this city than most people realize.

Amarillo has a small-town feel with a big-city attitude. Working at the AEDC has allowed me to take a peek at the people behind the curtain. They are people filled with pride for this city and plans to help it continue to grow and succeed.

I am looking forward to my time here, everything I am going to learn, and everyone I am going to meet.

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