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Meet The Millennial: Mindi McLain, Partner & Lawyer At Burdett, Morgan, Williamson & Boykin

Mindi McLain is a 35-year-old partner and lawyer at Burdett, Morgan, Williamson & Boykin (BMWB). She attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate degree and earned a law degree from Texas Tech University. She is a problem-solver, helping local entrepreneurs and business owners grow and execute plans for success.

In addition to volunteering and serving on community boards, McLain has been a judge for the WT Enterprise Center. She actively supports other young professionals in the Amarillo area, helping them plan the growth of their business investments.

In an interview with the Amarillo EDC, McLain shares how she ended up in Amarillo, how the city has impacted her professional growth and how she gives back to the community.

Reagan Hales: How did you end up in Amarillo?

Mindi McLain: After I left Nazareth, I spent six years in College Station and then Dallas. When I moved to Lubbock for law school, I realized how much I missed the Texas Panhandle. When the opportunity presented itself for me to take a job with a well-respected law firm in Amarillo, I jumped on it.

Hales: How would you define the spirit of Amarillo?

McLain: Amarillo really does have a pioneer spirit. We're geographically isolated, and trends and change are sometimes slow to take hold here. So instead, we chart our own course, and we work together.

Amarillo is full of opportunities and has such a welcoming business community. People here work hard, but they also focus on taking care of their families and friends. The people of Amarillo want to see their neighbors and friends and peers succeed in life and in business.

Hales: What has been your biggest challenge in your professional career?

McLain: A big challenge for me is wrong perceptions about Amarillo. Some people believe they have to go to Dallas or Houston to find a skilled and resourceful attorney. I disagree, and I’d like to prove those ideas wrong.

mindi-mclain-at-inc-announcement-eventHales: What are you passionate about?

McLain: I’m passionate about telling the story of Amarillo and its people. The AEDC and its community partners are committed to taking our story nationwide and even worldwide. Their current campaign to tell our story through the platform of Inc. comes at just the right time for Amarillo.

Hales: What has been your proudest moment so far?

McLain: I’ve spent most of my career in Amarillo and looking back at some of the best moments I realize they happened because other people were supporting me and encouraging me to grow.

Some of my favorite moments include being invited into the partnership at my law firm, being invited to speak to local organizations and businesses about my work, and being nominated and selected for the Chamber of Commerce Top 20 Under 40 Awards.

Additionally, graduating from Leadership Amarillo & Canyon and leaving with so many great new friends and contacts, helping to award local grant money to growing businesses  — these are all things that I get to be a part of in Amarillo.

Hales: What impact has Amarillo had on your professional career?

McLain: I am the person and the business professional that I am today because of Amarillo. I’m not sure that I would have had the opportunities to grow and learn and mature into my career at such a young age in any other place.

There are opportunities here, but what makes us unique are the people and the camaraderie amongst us. Whatever you want to do or be involved with, you can and someone will help you get there.

I’m not slowing down. And I won’t stop telling people my secret either. If I can succeed in Amarillo, so can you.mindi-mcclain-and-puppy

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