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Meet The Millennial: Joseph B. Peterson Jr., Edward Jones Financial Consultant

Joseph B. Peterson Jr. currently works as a financial advisor at Edward Jones and Associates. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Peterson grew up in Amarillo and received his bachelor’s degree from West Texas A&M University and master’s from Texas Tech University.

He plays an active role in the Amarillo community by volunteering with local non-profits, participating in business organizations and serving on committees throughout the community.

When he isn’t working, Joseph enjoys sports, movies, travel and fitness. He strives to improve Amarillo and the surrounding area by encouraging the community to embrace growth and diversity, and connecting members of the community with the resources needed to live a productive life.

In the interview below, Peterson shares his story and how Amarillo has impacted his growth as a young professional.

Reagan Hales: How did you end up in Amarillo?

Joseph B. Peterson Jr.: My father was employed with the Bureau of Land Management and was transferred to Amarillo.

Hales: Who are your business role models on a national and local level?

Peterson: Nationally, Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey has helped millions of people take control of there finances and secure financial stability. I am working to do the same and build legacies right here in the panhandle. Locally, Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. Dr. Lowery-Hart is a mentor of mine. I strive to be the leader and champion for the community that he is. He is always looking to better the lives of the people that he comes in contact with.

Hales: What are you passionate about?

Peterson: Changing family trees by serving and educating the community. I love helping families grow, protect, and transfer wealth through service and education.

peterson-chemika-cadillac-ranch.jpgHales: How would you define the spirit of Amarillo?

Peterson: Amarillo is a great place to raise a family. The people are friendly, easy-going, entrepreneurial, motivated and determined.

Hales: How has Amarillo helped you succeed?

Peterson: I have been able to become involved in a diverse group of organizations both personally and professionally. The big city with a small city feel has helped me create a strong network of contacts and build brand recognition for my business.

Hales: What is one thing you would like to see come to Amarillo?

PetersonMore social and entertainment options for the young business professional. I believe that increasing Amarillo's millennial workforce population should be a major role in the city's growth plans. This increase should yield a positive economic impact for the city.

Increasing social and entertaiment options (with venues such as Topgolf, Dave & Buster's, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, rooftop bars, and outdoor adventure centers) could make Amarillo more attractive to millennial job-seekers.

Hales: What has been your proudest moment?

Peterson: It’s a three-way tie between marrying my wife, graduating with my master’s and opening my Edward Jones practice.

Hales: How do you hope to make an impact in Amarillo?

Peterson: I hope to use my membership, volunteer service, board service, and committee service with local organizations, non-profits, and the city to make Amarillo a great place to live for all it’s citizens for years to come.

Hales: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Peterson: I am a black belt in taekwondo.

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