Ariana Rodriquez

Meet the Intern: Ariana Rodriquez

Amarillo, TX has been my home since the day I was born. I have always loved living in Amarillo and finding new ways to enjoy the city. Over the past 18 years of my life, I have watched Amarillo grow into the Yellow City we know today. This past year I stepped out of the Yellow City and moved to Austin by myself to go to the University of Texas.

I moved down there knowing only one thing and that would be that I was studying at UT. Moving mid-pandemic made it more complicated to meet new people and explore Austin in the way many college students normally do. The campus was bare, many people found it hard to believe but I started to see it as the norm. Instead of exploring the empty campus, I took off to explore the city of Austin. I moved around the city meeting new people along the way. It was an unusual, yet, unforgettable experience.

Through UT I am a part of the Home to Texas program. The program allows undergraduate students the chance to learn more about their hometown communities through interviews with local leaders and setting them up to intern with a local business. The Home to Texas program is what led me to Amarillo EDC. I have always been interested in how a city comes to be and how it can grow so quickly. I am looking forward to interning at Amarillo EDC and learning more about behind-the-scenes and the process itself of a developing city.