Celeste Paulson

Meet Celeste, The AEDC's New Intern

Celeste Paulson is a senior studying Advertising and Public Relations at West Texas A&M University. She is interning at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.


I have chased down multiple lost dogs throughout the past two years; it has almost become a hobby for me. I’ve never found a dog I couldn’t take back home whether it involved a simple call home from information on its tags or calling my veterinary friend to check for microchips.


Animals have always been a passion for me, and until my sophomore year of high school I believed I would be a veterinarian. Then I was introduced to dissection and decided that surgical procedures on animals was not a life my stomach could handle. That year I dropped out of my animal science class and walked into a new room where unexpectedly I discovered my calling in life: media.


My name is Celeste Paulson and I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations from West Texas A&M University in May 2017. Content creation, implementation, writing, photography, marketing, and social media management are the things I love to surround myself with.


In my spare time, I find old cameras to decorate my room with or write blog posts, stories, and create new photography projects for fun. I’m glad to be born in an age where information is readily available and the masses seek to be informed. Media has the power to motivate change and I want to be at the forefront of it all.


College has taught me about team efforts, deadlines, how to survive with sleep deprivation, and, most importantly, it has inspired me to dream big for my future. This dream starts now at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), where I am lucky enough to be employed for their intern position.


I stumbled across this opportunity on my college’s job website and it seemed to match everything I was looking for in a future career. Born and raised in Amarillo, I feel more of a sense of community working for the AEDC as I sit on projects and meetings about how we can rebrand Amarillo to not be known as just an agricultural hub, but to show what it truly is: a booming city of new businesses and opportunities.


Firsthand, I have been able to experience Amarillo’s changing atmosphere with the reconstruction of my current job. Along with my participation in the AEDC, I currently work as an assistant manager of Cinemark Hollywood 16 where I have been employed over the past four years.


Recently, our theater went under construction and now offers luxury loungers and a bar area where people can purchase beer and wine to take into the theater with them. Since reconstruction has finished, our theater’s business has increased substantially. Many people have told me they love the new atmosphere, which caters more toward adults.


I plan to stay in the Amarillo area for the next several years as I build up my career portfolio. My family and friends are all living here, working here, and contributing to our changing city.

Whether it's art walks, movies, Palo Duro Canyon, Sixth Street, or soaking up the sun at a park, I always find something enjoyable to do with my loved ones. This town is my home and I’m so excited to see what opportunities it holds for me after graduation.

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