Reagan Hales

MBA Graduates Are In Higher Demand Than Ever — Here's Why

Success in business takes more than just having a dream. It's more than who you know and what you want to do. In order to achieve success, it's necessary to have the skills and training required to bring dreams into reality. That requires education, and an MBA is the degree businesses want their employees to have under their belts.

An MBA Boils Down To Management

Business requires planning and preparation. It requires managing capital resources and people. Individuals who have earned an MBA have learned the skills necessary to bring people and technology together They have mastered the tools required to plan operations and prepare teams to execute the company's vision. This makes individuals who have an MBA highly attractive to companies eager to hit the ground running and move their operations forward.

An MBA Is About Practicing Practical Skills

Whether it's large or small, successful business operation requires the following skills that MBA graduates possess when they get their sheepskin. In addition to strong management skills, and MBA teaches the following:

Leadership - Projects, presentations, and production lines require strong leadership skills to be effective. MBA graduates know how to lead their teams through obstacles and challenges to achieve the company's goals.

Technical Skills - Business software and technological innovations streamline operations and keep a company competitive. MBA graduates know how to employ technology and use it to the company's advantage.

Risk Management - Risk is ever present, and MBA courses teach professionals how to manage these risks and successfully navigate the company through market challenges.  

MBA Stats At A Glance

From November 2015 to May 2016, product management positions seeking individuals with an MBA increased a staggering 147%. The reason for this is because companies are placing an increased value in hiring individuals who bring with them the managerial skills necessary to get the job done.

This year it's estimated that 88% of companies plan to hire newly minted MBA graduates. This is a 33% increase from 2010. As the recession fades into the past, businesses are again turning their eyes towards the future and they are eager to onboard people who know how to get the job done.

Specialization Is A Double-edged Sword

Global demand for MBA graduates is soaring, but that doesn't mean that all MBA's are created equally. As more and more people earn MBA's, many are choosing to specialize in specific areas of business. While this can make an applicant more competitive if they seek a position within their field of specialization, it can hinder them if they desire to move beyond that.

Of course, specialization can help. Beyond MBA's, companies are eager to hire candidates who have an education in supply chain management, financial management, data analytics, and marketing.

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