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How to Effectively Hire During the New Normal

Hiring good employees used to be as easy as posting a sign on a street-facing window of your business. After a while, it evolved into posting in the newspaper and on billboards, then it became necessary to post on internet job boards and websites. Now, it’s time for recruiters and hiring managers to embrace the change again. 

What is the New Normal? 

Covid and the Great Resignation forced the hiring process to change. The first of these events significantly impacted how companies conduct the hiring process, while the second changed the format entirely. 


The pandemic threw the business world into uncharted waters,  forcing them to develop creative solutions that allowed teams to work together without being in the same room. Thankfully, technology was ready. Businesses can conduct meetings remotely, employees can analyze data from the comfort of their couches, and executives can make deals over the internet instead of coffee. And now, HR has figured out how to use these same practices for interviews. An applicant doesn’t have to come into the office for a personalized one-on-one. Remote work is a milestone discovery that has created one of the most impactful workforce shake-ups in the history of the nation. 

The Great Resignation

One year into the pandemic, loosened restrictions allowed businesses to re-open their doors and allow employees to return to the workplace. Still, what business owners celebrated, many employees were less excited about. Working in a cubicle is hard when you can do the same thing in a coffee shop or the comfort of your living room. Why have in-person meetings when you can hear the same information via Zoom while you clean your house? Why wear a suit when you can wear your bathrobe? Working from an office had lost its appeal for a large number of employees. Because Covid was still lingering around when businesses tried to bring employees back into the office, many employees felt that business owners didn’t have their well-being in mind. The workplace culture shifted, and employees felt that the only way to preserve their newfound freedom was to quit and find work at a company that was evolving its culture to fit into the new normal. Today, companies have changed how they approach hiring new candidates; remote work has become an appealing option. Higher salaries are needed to cover inflation. Company culture is a more prevalent topic of discussion. In short, recruiters and hiring managers have changed the tools they use to bring on employees. 

Since these two events, a lot has changed in the business world. Companies are implementing new tools and channels to get results. If you want more out of recruitment and hiring, we have some suggestions to help. 

What Strategies Should I Use To Bring in More Applicants? 

Things change, and sometimes it’s easier to let the tide carry you along than to try and swim against it. As the way we run our businesses continues to change, our hiring process must also change. Below, we’ve listed a few key strategies to help you see results in your hiring process. 

In-House Recruitment

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is right under our noses. An appeal for any employee is room for growth within a company. HR departments that have already adapted to the new way of doing things are using this idea to their advantage. Rather than taking a chance on new blood, many recruiters and hiring managers are training current employees for new positions, which benefits the company twofold. In one instance, the HR department has full control over training, and they don’t have to worry about starting from scratch on a new hire. Second, by pulling up a current employee, you now have an open position at a lower-level job where a new applicant might be a better fit. 

Software and Services

The right person is out there; you just have to find them. Many company HR departments can’t do it independently. Hiring managers and recruiters have turned to recruitment software and service providers to help with the workload. Recruitment service providers have become standard in the hiring process. These companies have huge databases of qualified candidates to help you find the best match for your open positions quicker. Rather than posting to a job board and hoping to get a response, recruitment service providers match your listing with users’ skills, experience, and work history within their databases. Essentially, they make the job seekers come to you. 

Social Media

In the case of seeking out a passive candidate or someone not actively looking for a new position, you must find a way to get your job listing in front of their eyes knowing that they aren’t visiting job boards. Most people have a social media channel that they prefer. As a hiring manager trying to find a passive candidate, you need to utilize these communication channels. This is where those recruitment service providers shine. They take your job posting and distribute them to social media platforms for you. All you have to do is make sure that the perks and benefits match what a passive candidate would want in order to leave their current workplace. 


The hiring process has become more competitive. To attract the candidate that you want, you have to know what it is that THEY want. Research what other companies offer and see if you have a competitive package. The wants and needs of employees have changed. Company culture has also changed, and many places have adopted a new outlook on appealing to their employees' mindsets. Having flexible work hours, working remotely, or adopting a hybrid model can entice many employees. It’s not all about salary – do your research and develop a benefits package that can compete with your competition.The ideal candidate wants to know that the company they work for has their best interest at heart. 

Make Changes to Better Your Workplace

These strategies can help you fill vacant roles within your company, but they can also improve the morale and culture of current employees. They benefit your current roster and help you ensure employee retention. Every employee wants to feel that their needs are being met. Many companies are taking steps toward fulfilling that desire. If you need help finding solutions for your company’s vacancies or require guidance on embracing the change that has taken place, we’re here to help. Call us today to enroll in one of our many programs or training to help your company thrive in the new era of business.