Amarillo EDC

Economic Development in Amarillo: A Look at Companies, Programs, and Recognitions

Amarillo, Texas is a city that is committed to economic development, job creation, and fostering a thriving business environment. With a diverse range of companies projected to create thousands of new jobs and make significant capital expenditures, the city is fostering a thriving business environment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies and programs contributing to Amarillo’s economic growth, as well as the recognition our city has received for its efforts. 


New Business Projects: 

Albers Aerospace is an aerospace defense company that supplies engineering, manufacturing, and aviation services. The company has projected to create 400 new jobs and make a $50 million capital expenditure.  

Coast Packing is a 100-year-old food process and packaging company that produces products for the food industry. Coast Packing has projected to create 60 new jobs and make a $30 million capital investment. 


CVMR is a metal refining technology provider that mines and refines its mineral resources in 18 different countries. With its head office and R&D Centre in Toronto, Canada, CVMR has projected to create 1,000 new jobs and make a $1.5 billion capital expenditure in Amarillo. 


Producer Owned Beef is another company that is set to make a significant impact on Amarillo's economy. Owned and operated by cattle ranchers and feeders, the company produces high-quality beef products sourced primarily from the High Plains region. Producer Owned Beef’s operations is expected to create 1,600 new jobs and add $840 million in capital expenditure. 


Austin Hose, a premier hose, fittings, and accessories supplier with nine locations coast-to-coast that service the entire country. Austin Hose has projected to create 30 new jobs and make a $15 million capital expenditure. 


Caviness is a local beef packing company that has been family-owned and operated for over 59 years right here in the Panhandle. Caviness has projected to create 100 new jobs and make a $50 million capital expenditure. 


Jax Transport is a local trucking company that specializes in hauling refrigerated loads coast-to-coast. Their new facility is expected to create 200 new jobs and add $3 million in capital investments to our region. 


Uncover Amarillo: Intern Experience 

In addition to these companies, the Uncover Amarillo: Intern Experience program is another initiative contributing to Amarillo's economic development. The program was designed to aid college-aged interns as they move to our city for the first time. Uncover Amarillo brings together interns from multiple companies to experience different parts of the city, connect with other young professionals, and receive information about temporary housing, local restaurants, and things to do. By helping these interns connect with other young professionals in Amarillo, we hope to help lay down the groundwork that will help them become thriving members of our growing professional community. The program has involved 17 companies, 30 interns, and will be coming back in 2023 as well! 


Awards and Recognitions  

Amarillo has received several recognitions and awards for its economic development initiatives from the Texas Economic Development Council. Amarillo received the Community Economic Development Award for the exceptional impact of its project with Cacique Foods. The city also received the Workforce Excellence Award from the Texas Economic Development Council for the second straight year for the Uncover Amarillo: Intern Experience program. Finally, the Texas Economic Development Council awarded Amarillo the Economic Excellence Recognition.  

The Amarillo EDC was also honored by CiCi Community Impact Awards from Trade & Industry Development for our work with CVMR and Producer Owned Beef. This honor marks the first community in the magazine's history to be awarded for two business attraction efforts.  

Lastly, Amarillo was named the 2nd Fastest Growing Economy for Mid-Size City by the American Growth Project. 


Amarillo is a city that is dedicated to economic development and job creation. Projects like those highlighted here show not only our dedication to the continual growth of the Amarillo market, but also our dedication to the young professionals these companies will bring to our region. As we move forward, we’re excited to see what other businesses will soon call Amarillo home.