Reagan Hales

Have You Met Amarillo?

Have you met Amarillo? You probably think you’re well-acquainted with the Wild West town famous for its roaring winds, out-of-this-world steaks and romantic cowboys gallantly galloping across their ranches.

But to those of us who live and work here, we know that Amarillo is much more than a stranger’s stereotypical perception of our West Texas city.

Yes, it is the pioneer spirit, fortitude and sweat of our ancestors who settled this land that has cultivated our state’s empires of oil and gas, and agriculture. And today, that drive, grit and resolve to make this land thrive have evolved into a diverse, vibrant community that is growing at an aggressive pace.

Meet_Amarillo.pngThe Amarillo Economic Development Corporation’s new website is designed to demonstrate just that — the real Amarillo. With more visual elements and richer, educational content, we believe we can better show the rest of the world who Amarillo truly is.

Our blog is just another avenue we plan to use to further introduce our sterling community, its unique people and its captivating stories to not only the people who already live here or who are moving here, but to the entire world.

In addition to staff spotlights, community news and business project updates, we will highlight key leaders within the community who can speak to all of the different sectors that make our city so great.

From the arts and entertainment, to volunteerism and education, to small business owners and international powerhouses, we will use the blog and social media to introduce you to the talent and heart that is working every day to make Amarillo even greater.

Whether you want to start a business, start a family or both, Amarillo is the place to begin a new adventure. We invite you to #MeetAmarillo.

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Do you have a story you would like to share about how Amarillo has positively impacted your life? Contact AEDC Marketing Director, Reagan Hales, at

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