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Meet The Millennial: Elizabeth Carter, Stewardship Director At NCW Insurance

Elizabeth Carter is a millennial and Amarillo native. She attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and received her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Degree. Following graduation, Carter moved to Dallas. After several years, however, she relocated back to Amarillo. She has remained here ever since.

Carter now works in Amarillo as the Stewardship Director at NCW Insurance for both the Amarillo and Lubbock offices, where she helps provide clients with resources to make good business decisions. She hopes to help shape the community that has made such a strong impact on her own life.

Reagan Hales: How was the Amarillo community different from the larger cities you’ve lived in?

Elizabeth Carter:  Amarillo is family-oriented. I feel like Amarillo hasn’t lost sight of what’s important when it comes to family and faith. We really have those core values still at heart, and I don’t feel like you find that in most cities anymore.

Whether we live in a big city or a smaller city, we always think the grass is going to be greener on the other side. I feel so fortunate to have come back to Amarillo where those core values are still the foundation of the community and where family is still the main focus.

Hales: How would you define the spirit of Amarillo?

Carter: The spirit of Amarillo to me is just an inclusive community where we support each other. We support home-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits… You name it, and we’re ready to support and rally behind those individuals.

If you’re really looking for a community that supports one another and values all you have to offer, Amarillo is the community for you.

Hales: What are you most excited about for Amarillo’s future?

Carter: I’m most excited for the Downtown revitalization. Downtown has continued to thrive since I moved back, and I can only see it continuing to grow.

Having been born and raised here, I see the growth opportunities Amarillo has to offer. I’m really excited for the baseball team to arrive and the new restaurants headed our way. I know big things are in store for us.

Hales: What is your favorite thing about Amarillo?

Carter: My favorite thing about Amarillo is the great home-owned restaurants that continue to pop up. Having lived in big cities, yes, there are big chains you can go to. But I feel like supporting local individuals who have built something from scratch is extra special. It’s been so fun to watch restaurants I grew up with grow and succeed.

Hales: How are you involved in the community?

Carter: I love making a difference in the community through my work with nonprofits. My favorite thing to do when it comes to volunteering in the community is helping groups I’m passionate about find volunteers and raise money.

Some groups that I work with are Heal the City, the Amarillo Museum of Art, the Amarillo Children’s Home. I’m currently helping Heal the City with their first big fundraiser. Those experiences have been so rewarding, and I’m grateful to Amarillo for providing me with the opportunity to help make a difference.

Hales: How has the community helped you succeed?

Carter: The community has helped me succeed in many different ways. This community is so authentic and I feel fortunate to encounter different mentors, whether it be at my job our outside of my work. I feel like individuals have taken me under their wings and really pushed me to get involved in things I might not have otherwise. They’ve opened so many doors and have helped me in different areas that might not have been my strengths.

I hope one day to be a mentor to someone else. When you have a mentor, you’re more successful and you’re willing to do things you might not be willing to do otherwise. I’d love to help someone the way my mentors have helped me.

Hales: What are your hobbies?

Carter: My husband and I purchased my grandparents’ 1950s home. Pretty much, it was in its original state from the 50s. We’ve been doing lots of renovation projects, also known as demo day.

It’s been really fun to make that home our own and to continue to make memories in the home I grew up in with my grandparents.

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