Savannah Tarbet

City Council Votes in Support of Local Business Expansion

Approval ushers in the creation of 50 new full-time jobs

Today, the Amarillo City Council approved a Location Incentive Agreement presented by the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation to support the expansion of RCC Brass in Amarillo. This ratification comes after the approval by the Amarillo EDC Board of Directors on July 19, 2021. This final step in the approval process allows the Amarillo EDC to provide an incentive agreement that will allow RCC Brass to hire an additional 50 full-time employees over a five-year period. 

“Local business expansion is a top priority for the Amarillo EDC,” Kevin Carter, President & CEO of the Amarillo EDC, said. “This project allows us to assist a high-demand industry to continue growing and innovating in Amarillo. It also provides an outlet for workforce retention and attraction.”  

RCC Brass manufactures brass cartridges for any firearm, from vintage to wildcat designs, specializing in obsolete and hard-to-find cartridges, wildcat development, customized head stamps and more. RCC Brass machines all cases on CNC lathes and mills, producing consistent case head hardness, weight, volume, and concentricity. 

“A huge thanks to the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation for supporting and helping us grow our business, we appreciate all the effort you've put forth,” Jeff Roberson, Owner of RCC Brass, said. “Amarillo's a great place to call home and we're looking forward to the future!”

The agreement allows for a relocation reimbursement incentive for up to 20 employees, in an effort to grow Amarillo’s workforce. With the additional 50 full-time jobs the payroll is projected to increase to $2.25MM annually. This agreement will have a projected capital expenditure of $10MM.