Barry Albrecht

Amarillo EDC To Refocus

Under the direction of the newly appointed President & CEO, Barry Albrecht, the Amarillo EDC is creating a 120-day plan to refocus our attention to our organizational framework, our duty to educating and advising the community and aggressively recruiting new industry to better strengthen and support Amarillo.

As part of that effort, our Refocus blog series will provide the community with insights and updates into our progress. It’s our responsibility to protect the community’s interests by attracting vibrant primary businesses to Amarillo. That is our primary goal at the Amarillo EDC. However, our aim is to also educate the community about our organization.

Throughout the next several months, we will revisit our administrative policies, clarify our organization’s goals and share with you our progress on the blog.

We look forward to being transparent with everyone and inviting the community to be a part of our growth moving forward.

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