Savannah Tarbet

Amarillo EDC Announces Renewed Focus on Area Businesses

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (Amarillo EDC) today announced its re-commitment to the organization’s Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program which will drive economic growth in the community through the focused support of established and growing Amarillo businesses as well as the advancement of ongoing workforce development initiatives in Amarillo. To fill this position, the Amarillo EDC has appointed Michael Kitten, who most recently served as Dean of Technical Education at Amarillo College.

"The most effective way to ensure economic growth is to invest in the businesses that already call Amarillo home,” said Kevin Carter, President and CEO of the Amarillo EDC. “The focused commitment and investment in the Business Retention and Expansion program will help us offer additional resources to our hometown successes. We are thrilled to welcome Michael to our team as Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion and look forward to working with him to expand the level of support we provide our growing business community.”

Before joining the Amarillo EDC, Mr. Kitten was responsible for spurring economic growth in Amarillo by leading broad-based employer engagement initiatives at Amarillo College. Prior to that, Mr. Kitten served as the Executive Director for the Hereford Economic Development Corporation in Hereford, Texas.

“During my time in Amarillo, I have been fortunate to witness the type of opportunities this city can offer businesses across all levels of growth and development” said Mr. Kitten. “Further, I know firsthand what a focused BRE program can do to support area employers. I am excited to continue connecting with our business, economic, and community leaders in order to grow our community.”

“Amarillo’s business community is incredibly thankful for the investment the Amarillo EDC dedicates to recruiting new companies to our area and supporting long-term economic growth for all of us,” Gary Molberg, President and CEO of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, said. “To hear that the organization is now recommitting staff and funding to focus on retaining and expanding area businesses is fantastic. This programmatic focus will only lead to further investment into our local business community and for all of us that call Amarillo home.”

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