Reagan Hales

4 Amarillo Businesses Make The Inc. 5000 List

Every year, Inc. Magazine puts together a list of America’s top entrepreneurs. These companies are fast-growing private firms that create value and employment opportunities on both a local and national scale.

This year, the Inc. 5000 list includes four businesses from the Amarillo area: Altura Engineering & Design, Smart Chemical Services, the Reagor Dykes Auto Group, and Runbiz.

Altura Engineering & Design ranked highest of the Amarillo companies at 434 in the list of fastest-growing companies in the United States, seeing a massive 1,014.8 percent growth rate over the past three years. The company has the third-highest growth rate of any engineering firm in the country, as well as the 32nd-highest growth rate of any company in the State of Texas. Altura specializes in piping and mechanical design projects for leaders in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries.

Smart Chemical Services, a local energy company, was rated 2,075. The organization saw a growth rate of 177.28 percent in three years. Smart Chemical is regarded for their high-quality, comprehensive chemical and operational solutions for drilling, water, oil field production, pipelines, fuel and more.

The Reagor Dykes Auto Group also made the list at number 3,524. The company’s growth rate increased to 87.78 percent in the past three years. Reagor Dykes has dealerships across Texas, including Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Dallas and more.

The final Amarillo business to receive this prestigious award was Runbiz, which provides a variety of IT, accounting, website design and application development services. Runbiz’s growth rate increased to 82.64 percent, earning them the 3,668th spot on the Inc. 5000 list.

The State of Texas itself received recognition, earning the title of second fastest-growing state in the nation. Texas had 425 businesses in total make the Inc. 5000 list, second only to California’s 670 businesses.

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