Reagan Hales

5 Tips To Up-size Your Business From Inc. Magazine

Being a small business isn't always a downside. In business-friendly regions like Amarillo, small operations can use their size to their advantage, responding quickly to changing markets and customer needs as they evolve. This creates a base of loyal clients and steady income that small business owners can use as a foundation to grow and upsize their operations in new and exciting directions.

But upsizing your business is more than just growing your employee base. It involves creating a professional image for your business. By taking active steps to place your operations on par with the image and capabilities of larger companies, you give your business the opportunity to truly become something great.

So how do you upsize your business? According to Inc. Magazine, it's easier than you think! In fact, by taking these simple, affordable actions, you can boost your image and your bottom line.

Tip #1 - Get a Dedicated Email

Most email platforms are free. To help your business reach new heights, however, you need more than just a personal email. You need a dedicated email tied to your business domain name.

This typically costs $10-15 a month. It's a worthwhile investment that creates an image of stability and professionalism.

Tip #2 - Use VoIP to "Fake it 'til You Make it"

VoIP allows you to set up multiple numbers for your business that match the area codes in which you wish to do business. When clients call this number, it transfers to your main line wherever it may be located.

This creates a personal connection to your clients and can help you establish operations in new communities prior to your opening of an office or storefront there.

Tip #3 - Build Your Social Media Presence


Every business should use a combination of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms to grow. Which platform to use — and how to use them effectively — depends on your industry.

Certain companies perform better solely on Facebook, while others may see greater success on Twitter. Determine the best social media for your business by checking out top-name competitors' online presence.

Tip #4 - Meet More Efficiently

Many people view meetings as the death of productivity, but the reality is that meeting with clients on a regular basis is the key to keeping relationships strong and vibrant.

Online services including GoToMeeting and WebEx make it easy for you to meet with clients, share documents, and deliver quality presentations without having to leave your office. This saves time, money, and creates a strong connection between your capabilities and your client's needs.

Tip #5 - Diversify Your Payment Options

An easy-to-use B2C portal is vital in the 21st century. Your website should be easy to navigate, and your payment options must be as diverse as your customers. To keep up with evolving e-commerce, ensure your online shop accepts everything from credit cards to PayPal transfers. Services like Shopify can deliver this capability for a reasonable price.

Upsizing your business may seem complicated. But following these easy tips, you'll be able to develop a cohesive brand image that acts as a stable foundation. As you grow your business's image and team size, you'll be better equipped to compete with national chains.

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